Afterlife Clan was founded on October 22nd 2003
since then it is active on many games

It does not matter where you play, but at what level and with whom, over the years our Clan has established an excellent team play in the game and close cooperation of the staff in server management.

Born in unreal tournament 99
as a sniper clan

Growing up very quickly with the help of good people like [ASC]Bommelson [ASC]Yggdrasil
[ASC]Monyc [ASC]SignoreRossi and many others.

After a few years it has evolved with other games

More people joined putting their effort to the improvement of the servers and the community including ReDZerO head and master of the developer team and CrashOver of the admin team.

Currently active games

In this period we are playing on Archeage, Final Fantasy XIV, Rainbow Six and FIveM.

Proud to be part of the
Italy Mafia project

Role Play Mod based on gta samp, created by ReDZerO in July 2005 and right now in development for gta 5.

Join the community

We are currently no longer using the forum, but you can always find us on TeamSpeak 3.